Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement in Houston, TX

Garage door springs are something that many do not think about until they break or become worn. When this happens, raising your garage door becomes difficult. A broken garage door spring suddenly becomes a repair that cannot wait. Garage Door Repair Houston has experience installing many different garage door systems and spring types. Here are some things that you need to know about your garage door spring.

What Is a Garage Door Spring

If you do not have an automatic garage door opener, then you probably have a garage door spring to help you lift the door more easily. When the garage door is closed, the spring is put under tension. As you begin to lift the door, this spring releases its tension and helps you raise the door.

Garage doors can be heavy, and without this little bit of extra help, it can be difficult to open the door. The spring helps reduce the strain that can cause injury to your back. While you can open a garage door with a broken spring, you must use caution and make sure that you are using a proper lifting technique.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs fall into two basic categories. There are many different brands, sizes, and types of springs available on the market. Depending on the type of garage door that you have, you might have a torsion spring or you might have a set of extension springs. You will need to know which type of spring you have before you call a garage door repair service.

Torsion Springs

If you have torsion springs, you will see one central spring that is housed inside a tract in the center of the door. They work by holding and releasing tension when you try to open the door. These types of springs are the more expensive option, but they also tend to last longer. They do not fully extend when the garage door is closed, which means that they do not wear out as often. This type of system has fewer moving parts. They are also good at keeping the door in balance and not allowing one side to open more quickly than the other side.

Extension Springs

There are many benefits to a torsion spring garage door, but many people choose extension springs because of the cost. If you have garage door extension springs, they will be located on the side of the garage door near the top, instead of in the center. While their initial cost is cheaper, they also do not last as long and are prone to several problems.

When the garage door is closed, they extend fully, which causes more mechanical strain each time the door is opened and closed. They also require more working components, which makes them more prone to breakage.

When an extension spring breaks, it can snap back quickly and cause harm to anyone near, or it can damage the wall. They have also been known to fly off and break the glass on cars or cause dents. These springs are under incredible tension. It is often recommended that they be installed using a safety cable for this reason.

One of the main disadvantages of extension spring systems is that they tend to pull the garage door unevenly if one spring begins to lose its tension before the other one. This can cause your garage door to jam, and you will be unable to open or close it. If you have extension springs and you want to have the door converted to torsion springs, this is possible in most circumstances, but it depends on the garage door type that you have.

Garage Door Spring Maintenance

While it is possible to replace either torsion or extension springs yourself, it is usually not recommended. If you do not know how to do it safely, the process poses a significant chance for injury if spring releases unexpectedly. How to adjust garage door springs is a process that can be frustrating, but a professional knows how to do it quickly and efficiently.

Garage door spring repair is not as easy as it looks. The first challenge is purchasing the right spring. You need to purchase a spring that is the right length and that has the correct weight requirements for your garage door. Once you have chosen the correct spring for your needs, the next step is having it installed properly.

One of the questions that many people have is, “How long do garage door springs last”? The answer to this depends on how many times the garage door is opened and closed over time. Other things included in this equation are whether you keep it in good repair and whether it is exposed to water and extremes in temperature. Choosing a garage door spring that is the proper weight for your door will also help it last longer.

Another factor in how long your garage door spring will last is the type of material of the spring. Stainless steel will last longer than ones made from aluminum or aluminum alloy. Some springs are enclosed in a rubber sleeve that will help protect them from the weather. All of these considerations must be taken into account when choosing a garage door spring. An expert with experience can make the choices easy.

When to Call the Experts at Garage Door Repair Houston

If your garage door does not close all the way or springs back too quickly, then it is time to call an expert and have it repaired or replaced. Getting the spring tension right is challenging, and it is not something that you want to try yourself for safety reasons. Garage door spring replacement cost is inexpensive, and at GDR Houston, we provide upfront, accurate quotes.

Even if your garage door springs appear to be working properly, it is a good idea to have them inspected regularly. The last thing you want is for the spring to break and cause someone harm. If it has been over 10 years since your springs have been inspected or replaced, it is probably time to call Garage Door Repair Houston and have us come out and take a look.

If you recently bought your home and are not sure how long it has been since your springs have been replaced or repaired, it is a good idea to call us just in case. We can help you with all of your garage door issues, and if it is time for a new door or an upgrade, our team will be glad to help.

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