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Your garage door weather seal is an important component of your home for assuring that your garage door works properly and for keeping your heating and cooling bills low. It also helps keep out rain and water from your garage. Over time, garage door seals wear out, and garage door seal replacement becomes necessary. GDR Houston offers garage door seal replacement and installation in Houston and surrounding areas.

What Is a Garage Door Trim Seal

The garage door trim seal is a piece of rubber or other material that acts as weatherstripping to prevent hot and cold air from entering your garage. It forms a seal and closes the gaps between the garage door and the surrounding framework. When your garage door seal wears out, it can cause your HVAC system to work overtime and can cause your utility bills to rise. Not only is your garage door seal important for keeping out extreme temperatures, but it also helps keep out rain and water from entering through the sides and bottom of the garage door and potentially causing damage.

Signs Your Garage Door Rubber Seal Needs Replaced

Exposure to heat, cold, and the effects of time eventually cause your garage door seal to wear out. If you feel a cold draft during the winter, then it could be a sign that your garage door side seal needs replaced. If you see water seeping in from the bottom of the garage door, then your bottom seal probably needs to be replaced. Another sign is if you see light entering the garage around the sides and bottom when the door is closed, then it is a good sign that the seal needs replaced.

The cost of replacing your old worn-out garage door seal far outweighs the long-term energy costs and potential damage from having a bad seal. GDR Houston knows how to replace garage door seal track components, garage door side seals, and bottom seals. If your garage door seal needs replaced, give us a call, and we can help make your garage safe and secure once again.

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