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As part of our commitment to promoting overhead garage door safety, Garage Door Repair Houston (GDR) wants our customers to appreciate the importance of garage door safety sensors. We also want our neighbors in the Houston area to know when they can fix a sensor issue themselves and when they need us.

The Garage Door Sensor Explained

Garage door sensors are an essential safety device. Overhead door sensors are photoelectric eyes connected by an invisible beam. When the beam is unbroken, the garage door will close. An obstructed beam stops the overhead door from closing.

The Importance Of A Garage Door Safety Sensor

The US Government mandates safety sensors on all overhead garage doors per Federal Law UL 325. That doesn't mean that Federal Agents will pay you a call if your sensors aren't working. However, the potential consequences of non-working overhead door sensors can be severe.

A garage door is closing, and a child tries to scoot under it. The safety sensors aren't working, so the door continues closing and entraps the child. The youngster will have at least 450 pounds on top of them. The same danger exists for adults and pets. To eliminate the risk of injury to yourself or someone else, contact GDR the second you experience problems with the operation of your garage door safety sensors that you can't correct.

Garage Door Sensors Not Working Trouble Shooting

Some issues with garage door sensors are easily detected and resolved by the homeowner. If your garage door doesn't close completely, check for obstructions.

  • Make sure the sensors are plugged-in properly
  • Check for dust and dirt on the sensor lens
  • Look for moisture that has accumulated on the sensor lens
  • Check sensor alignment
  • Inspect the sensor for damage

If your troubleshooting efforts don't reveal the cause of your sensor malfunction, then you need the licensed and insured technicians from GDR to diagnose the cause of your overhead door sensor issue.

Garage Door Sensor Not Working DIY Solutions

Remove possible obstructions and try to shut the garage door. Use a clean, soft cloth to clean the lens of dirt or moisture. GDR recommends cleaning your sensor lenses every six months as a preventative measure. If the red lights on the sensor are out, check the connection between the sensor plug and the receptacle. If the sensor is appropriately plugged-in and the lights remain unlit, you need us.

To work right, garage door sensors have to be in line with each other. Illuminated lights on one sensor but not the other could indicate sensor misalignment.

How To Realign Garage Door Sensors

Disconnect the electricity to going to the sensors. Back-off the mounting bracket screws until they are just loose enough to move the bracket by hand. Move the sensor to the lowest possible position on the bracket.

Secure a string to the sensor so the line crosses the sensor's eye. Run the string between the two sensors. The knots should cover the sensor lens. Place a level underneath the string. If the line is not level, reposition the sensors in their brackets until the string is level.

Tighten the bracket screws. After securing the bracket screws, re-check the string's levelness. Remove the line, reconnect the power to the sensors, and test the garage door.

The homeowner can easily correct some safety sensor issues. Other sensor malfunctions require skilled garage door repair professionals from GDR. We are on call 24/7 to perform warrantied garage door repairs and replacements.

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