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Over time, damage to a panel can get worse and worse. Ultimately, as it goes over the head, the door will start to sag seriously. This will allow the door to get stuck up, or absolutely avoid closure. Usually, pushing it shut would result in the rollers falling out of their track and even the garage door becoming lopsided. Typically, a couple of the proper braces in the right places will do the job if you have minor damage to the garage door doors. In fact, the strut brace is a good long-term to fix garage door panels. We at GDR Houston would be able to do a patch on your door if you spot the issue early enough without the extra expense of repairing garage door panels.

The Importance of Garage Door Replacement Panels

You can replace garage door panels yourself, but having GDR Houston do the job may be the smarter option.

If your garage is attached to your dwelling, Having GDR Houston replace broken and missing garage door panels denies pests access to your home. When temperatures drop, cold air comes in through openings in the garage door. Door panel damage can interfere with the proper operation of overhead doors.

How to Replace Garage Door Panels

The homeowner can use filler to repair cracks and small openings in garage door panels. When it comes to replacing panels, without the proper knowledge, you'll likely waste money on panels that don't fit properly. Improperly removing garage door panels poses a risk of serious injury. Having GDR Houston replace garage door panels is safer, faster, and more cost-efficient.

If you want to replace your garage door panel(s) yourself, GDR Houston urges you to follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Know the make and model of your garage door
  2. Purchase replacement panels
  3. Unplug the garage door opener
  4. Open the garage door manually and remove the springs
  5. Remove panels to access the damaged panel
  6. Slide the new panel into place
  7. Reinstall the other panels

After replacing the springs and plugging the opener in test the door's operation.

GDR Houston For Garage Door Panels Repair And Replacement

Licensed and fully insured, GDR Houston is the Space City's best full-service garage door repair replacement and maintenance company. Our skilled technicians arrive at your home in a truck stocked with replacement parts. We offer 24/7 response to garage door emergencies. Visit us at

However, many of our competitors will try to overcharge you with a completely new door package when a door panel repair is really all you need. Literally, it will seem like you have a freshly mounted door from the outside. We can reuse all of the current track, hinges, and springs to save you money, but we will repair any defective, worn-out, or scratched hardware if it is important, and our technicians will do their utmost to point out any additional parts and charges before they begin your project. Our professional maintenance technicians would be delighted to guide you on the right course of action. We will mount it for you as well if you are in need of a brand new garage door. Request for an appointment somewhere in the city of Greater Houston today.

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