Garage door cable replacement Houston Tx

Your garage door cable and spring help do the heavy lifting when opening your garage door, and they serve as a safety mechanism. They are made of high-strength materials, but over time, they become rusted and worn. GDRHouston specializes in the repair and replacement of garage door components, including garage door safety cables and spring mechanisms.

Garage Door Safety Cables

Over its lifespan, garage door cables are opened thousands of times. They are a part of your home that you usually do not think about it until it breaks. They not only help you lift your garage door and take some of the strain, they also perform an important safety function by making sure the garage door doesn't fall on someone or your car.

Garage doors are heavy and could do some serious damage if this happens, which is a good reason to inspect your cable regularly to make sure it is in good working order. If you find that the cable is frayed or beginning to show signs of rust, it is time to call a professional and get it replaced before it breaks.

Why Call GDR Houston?

You can find many how-to articles that tell you how to replace your garage door cable, but there are several good reasons why you shouldn’t. First of all, the spring is under tension, and if you accidentally remove the cable without releasing the tension of the string, it can recoil and cause serious injury to people, cars, and wallboard. That is the most important reason why you should call a professional if your garage door cable needs replaced. The second reason is that to work properly, it must be aligned and tension correctly, and this is something that can be frustrating if you try to do it yourself.


If your garage door lift cable is broken, or you feel that it needs to be replaced, GDRHouston can help. If your cable or spring is broken, we consider this to be an emergency, and you can call us any time of the day or night to fix it. This is especially important if you have small children, and you are concerned about their safety.

Our team of trained and qualified professionals know how to fix garage door cable mechanisms and how to adjust garage door cable tension properly. If you need your garage door cable replaced, it is time to call us right away.

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